Explore: Why Visit Novi Sad

September 4th 2023 in Explore
Explore: Why Visit Novi Sad

Explore: Why Go To Novi Sad

With an interesting meaning of ‘New Plantation’, Novi Sad is quickly becoming a fan-favourite location when visiting Europe. Not a large city like Belgrade, the city is very laid back and the ideal location for those wanting to chill out on their holiday to Serbia.

Is It Worth Visiting Novi Sad?

Definitely. Many people say that tourists’ mistake when visiting Serbia is only giving Novi Sad a day or missing it completely. Whilst it lacks the hubbub of typical city breaks, what’s special about it is its architecture, art and incredibly friendly people.

Things To Do In Novi Sad

Of course, there's no point visiting if you haven’t got an itinerary! Luckily, we’ve got you covered with some must-do activities when visiting Novi Sad, known as the Athens of Serbia.

Go To Liberty Square

The heart of the city, the square should be visited no matter what time of year your trip is. One of the most impressive buildings in the area, City Hall in Liberty Square is a great photo opportunity. Plus, it’s a great space to do what the people of Novi Sad do best: people-watching!

There are also plenty of other Serbian landmarks in the vicinity, including the Monument to Svetozar Miletić and The Cathedral which has awe-inspiring neo-gothic architecture. But that’s not all, there's also the Tanurdžić palace and the impressive Town Hall.

All within close proximity to one another, you can spend a good afternoon just in Liberty Square with plenty of things to do in Novi Sad.

Around the outside of the square are plenty of cafes and shops for a little bit of retail therapy and to take the weight off of your feet. Be a true local with an espresso and watch the population go by.

Go For A Walk Around Dunavski Park

Constructed in the last 19th century to resemble the land that Novi Sad was built on, Dunavski Park is the largest in the city.

Found in the very city centre, take a break from the shops to walk around its 33,000 acres and see the 250 plant species it's home to. Go for a walk, or a picnic or pick one of the green spaces for a game or two; Dunavski Park is one of the prettiest landmarks and places to go in Novi Sad.

Often referred to as Danube Park, the area is protected as it contains a variety of rare plant species, so keep an eye out for some special sites whilst visiting the park. Time your visit right and you can catch the concerts, performances and other events that take place in Dunavski Park throughout the year.

Go To The City Beach of The Strand

Now this is a more unusual thing to find in the city, but it’s a pretty special reason why you should go to Novi Sad.

A must-do during the sunny summer months, the 700m beach lies against the Danube River and is a hot spot for a variety of activities. Plus, it’s a great place to sit and plan how to spend the day in Novi Sad.

Swim in the cooling waters, play games on the sand or simply take some time to relax with a book or some friends taking in the magnificent site.

Learn To Play Picigin With The Locals

If you’re looking for another reason why to go to Novi Sad, then learning Picigin is one of them!

Play in shallow waters, so perfect for the Strand, make sure you’ve got some friends and family and the help of some locals! Don’t worry, the people of Serbia are known to be incredibly friendly, so you’ll find someone to teach you in no time!

Feel like a true local and have some incredible fun as you try to keep a ball from hitting the water in the most dramatic way possible. Plus, there's no winner so they’ll be no sore losers afterwards.

Travel Across Varadinska Duga Bridge

This is the perfect activity to stretch your legs, particularly if you’re looking for something special to do in the evening in Novi Sad.

Lit up in rainbow colours when the sun goes down, make the scenic journey across the bridge that connects Novi Sad to its neighbour, Petrovaradin.

Whilst it’s a nice walk any time of day, its evening lights are where it gets its name as Duga translates to rainbow. Once you’re on the other side, give Petrovaradin Fortress a visit. Though it means climbing its many stairs, not only will you get a fantastic view, but you’ll also be able to see the famous ‘drunk clock’. See if you can tell how it gets its name!

Though it’s a quieter city that enjoys the slower path of life, there are lots of reasons why to go to Novi Sad. With plenty of special things to do, ensure you give it a visit.

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