Explore: City Breaks in Serbia

August 11th 2023 in Explore
Explore: City Breaks in Serbia

Explore: City Breaks in Serbia

Fancy a city break whilst exploring Central Europe? Rich in history, nature and nightlife, Serbia’s cities offer something for everyone.


A weekend trip to Serbia’s capital should definitely be on the cards if you want a little bit of culture and nature, as well as exciting nightlife.

Begin your trip by walking around Belgrade’s Kalemegdan Park. Take in the history over its 130 acres, whilst sneaking in a trip to its zoo and churches. You can even grab a bite to eat at one of the delicious restaurants in the park. After an exhausting day, treat yourself to a cocktail in one of Belgrade’s floating bars on the Danube or Sava River.

Want something a little lighter to do the next day? The capital has a wide selection of shops, cafes and more to peruse in Belgrade’s Stari Grad. If you're still looking for a bit more culture on your Serbian city break, then the National Museum has a wide range of European art. Plus, it's only a short distance from Serbia’s Royal Palace in Dedinje.

Novi Sad:

The second largest city in Serbia, Novi Sad is known for being full of life. Home to EXIT, one of the biggest festivals in Europe, this could be the Serbian city break for you if you’re looking for a party.

Novi Sad is known for its friendly and hospitable people, as well as being rich in history and culture. Lying next to the Danube, you should make the city’s agriculture a priority when you’re not dancing the night away. Once the sun sets, take yourself to a traditional Kafanas or find a tamburitza band whilst enjoying some Vojvodinian cuisine.

For the next morning, take a trip to the Fruška Gora mountain near Novi Sad. Home to over a dozen monasteries dating back to the 15th century, there’s also a huge amount of nature to take in as well.


Nîs is the Serbian city break for you if you’re looking for history as well as a stop-off on your European travels. Situated on the way to Sofia, Istanbul and other European hot spots, you’ll definitely want to visit Nis.

A city with huge historical importance, you can spend your city break wandering around its many museums and archaeological sites, such as the Nîs Fortress. There is plenty to explore around the city, especially if you consider yourself to be a history buff.

But don’t worry, the third largest city in Serbia boasts a great nightlife too. Nîs is known for its entertainment, hosting music and film festivals throughout the year. Time your visit to when either the Nisville jazz festival or the Filmski sureti are in town to get even more out of your trip.

Nîs also has a lot of food on offer, specialising in ‘Burek’, a delicious cheese pie that even warrants its own festival in the city!


Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia, Subotica is the second largest in the country. With beautiful lakes, wine festivals and fairy-tale history, you’ll regret not visiting for your city break.

On the border of Serbia and Hungary, the city tells the story of two great empires. Learn all about Nenad the Black, and how Subotica was once the capital of its own great empire. Full of historic buildings straight out of a fairy tale, you can spend all day wandering around its magnificent sites. Plus, you’ll never be far from a cafe where you can stop to take it all in.

If you’re interested in religion, the city is home to three synagogues, a testament to the broad range of cultures that now inhabit the city.

A truly unique place, a city break to Subotica will leave you in awe of its beauty. Visit its protected lakes, whilst ensuring there’s enough time to enjoy a glass or two of their wine.

Though Serbia’s cities might not come to mind immediately when considering a city break, you'll only regret missing out on all that’s on offer. A country for those looking for a lot of history whilst still getting some unmissable entertainment, any of the above cities needs to be on your holiday bucket list.